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Graham, NC

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Wurst Stahlbau

Wurst Stahlbau



Barringer Construction

Barringer Construction

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Scope Architectural Consulting

Indulor American LP

The Indulor Group, a German internationally recognized company specializing in macromolecular chemistry, established their polymer manufacturing facility in North Carolina.

German company Indulor has expanded into  Graham, Alamance County, North Carolina. The Graham location is Indulor’s first American facility and plans to start operation in 2016 or 2017. Indulor purchased the old Southeastern Chemical warehouse in 2009 located in Graham, the existing warehouse space was 27,547 square ft.

In 2011 Indulor approached WB Moore to take the task of general contractor to expand the existing warehouse, work comprised of expanding the existing footprint to include two large rooms for housing of process tanks along with areas need for laboratory’s and personnel. 

WB Moore reached out to Barrringer construction to take on the task of General Contractor so that they could align the required subs to aggressively tackle this task while WB Moore focused on the large electrical distribution package at hand.

The existing building electrical infrastructure was removed prior to construction by a previous contractor, WB Moore was to build a new 3000 amp service which included all underground duct bank and a new complete grounding systems which included, Tank Farm, Process Tanks and new lightning protection.

Existing warehouse was fitted out with 87 new T8 energy efficient high bay fluorescence, new emergency lights where installed along the walls to ensure proper egress illumination with each door being designated with an LED exit light.

Process area was equipped with new Class 1 Div 2 group D explosion proof lights on all three levels, all levels contained explosion proof emergency/exit lights to allow proper egress illumination Process area is comprised of 3 levels totaling 19,588 square ft combined.

The new locker rooms, laboratory, training room, control room contain new T8 parabolic 2x4 fixtures which provide a well-lit work environment, Electrical room contains new T8 fixtures which also houses the switchgear, new transformers, several new panels and two (2) new Motor control centers.

The Motor control centers that are housed in the electrical room are fed from two different sources, the MCC-E1 is fed from either the 500 Kw generator or Duke energy via a 600amp transfer switch, MCC-1 is fed from either the 500 Kw generator or Duke energy via a 800amp transfer switch, both designs allow for the building to maintain power in case of a power loss from the local utility.

The building was outfitted with a new Fire Alarm system that contains well over 178 points to cover the complete 65,897 square feet for complete fire protection as required for NFPA 72, the process area is covered by 65 explosion proof smoke detectors through intrinsically safe barriers located outside the classified area. The system also contains two pre-action zones and complete notification to the fire department over an Internet protocol dialer.