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Project Location

Lancaster, South Carolina

Project Team




Nutramax Pharmaceutical

A pharmaceutical company expands with the need for an energy-efficient system for all of its processes.

When Nutramax Pharmaceutical had the option to acquire land and a facility next to their existing plant in Lancaster, S.C., they jumped at the chance to grow their business and expand their employee base in the state.

WB Moore, working with Shelco, took the challenge the client presented—they wanted to be able to begin production within 90 days of construction start dates.

Plans included demolition of existing systems inside the newly acquired building and reconstruction of a new utility service. The new production area would require a clean room production area along with a clean room packaging area. Each of those areas included scrubbing ventilation systems, sealed ceilings and walls, sealed lighting fixtures and floor systems. An observation area was built to allow managers oversight without impacting the sensitive clean room environment.

WB Moore worked with Nutramax to incorporate energy saving electrical systems by installing occupancy sensors in all production, packaging and storage areas to ensure light fixtures weren’t continuously on while the areas were unoccupied. This lighting control was also tied into the HVAC ventilation and scrubbing system in order to minimize the use of mechanical power in unoccupied areas.

The facility:
  • Renovation of an existing facility with a brand new pharmaceutical production area developed inside the existing facility
  • State of the art clean room production and packaging areas designed and built out within the existing facility
Impacting day-to-day and bottom line:
  • Installation of an energy saving electrical system
  • Sealed observation area giving managers access to employee production without disruption of work or clean room environment
  • A larger business presence in South Carolina along with providing job opportunities

The proof? A shining new pharmaceutical production facility—ready within 90 days of our construction start date.