Project Location

Charlotte, NC

Wachovia Distribution Utility Center

A much-needed upgrade to an integral facility with no disruption to operations.

What do you do when your existing facility containing mission-critical operations needs a full-scale electrical upgrade, but those operations need to continue daily? Call WB Moore.

This project for Wachovia Corporation, one of the Top 10 financial services firms at the time, consisted of modifying an existing operations and production facility into a strategic, emergency backed operations center for the company's customer information processing and security.

The existing facility was modified to be:
  • Supported from two (2) 2500-KVA electrical utility services
  • Backed up by three (3) 1500-KW paralleled diesel generators (with provisions for another) and two (2) 750-KVA paralleled, rotary uninterruptible power supply systems.

Distribution of new loads was achieved through the installation of 1550 of 5000-ampere feeder duct while existing operations continued.

The entire implementation of the project, including the installation of all equipment, was performed without disruption of the operations of the facility. All project events and controlled outages were coordinated with the customer, and the operations moved from the existing system to the new electrical services seamlessly.

The result? An existing facility was up-fitted with a new system, better positioning it (and the company) for future growth and enhanced productivity.