“This is our company culture—one of safety—and this is what clients expect when they hire us.”
--Billy Graves, President

A culture of safety in electrical contracting.

For over 20 years, we have built buildings, and just as importantly, relationships, through our commitment to quality, integrity and safety. The expectation of best practices in safety in electrical contracting, from training, to site, to recognition, has created a top-down culture in which we live and breathe safety day-to-day, job-to-job and employee-to-employee.

When our customers release us to start a project, they trust that we will follow safe practices at all times.

Our goal is always to be the best of the best, which means the best total outcome possible for our customers and employees, along with a safe and responsible delivery of design, build and final product. Our “extra-mile” philosophy delivers the Moore attention to the details that keeps everyone safe.

In our culture, everyone gets involved. Each quarter, WB Moore holds a Safety Slogan Contest. Our Safety Committee chooses the best safety slogan, has it printed on t-shirts and shared with everyone in the company. With WB Moore’s Safety Coloring Contest, twelve kid-created safety posters are selected for WB Moore’s Safety Calendar. This calendar is distributed to all employees during our annual Employee Recognition Event in December.

SafetyFest is an annual event celebrating our continued dedication to safety, particularly training. At its conclusion, WB Moore employees enjoy gathering for good food, vendor displays, informative booths, games and a company-wide celebration.

Our safety program and practices are well known throughout the industry. Our customers expect it and our families demand it. We are committed to continue to deliver best practices in the electrical industry year after year.