Critical Distribution Systems

We listen, then design, install and maintain the critical distribution systems you need for your company success.

Every company has mission critical systems. For a financial institution, it may be a data center. For a hospital, it may be the intensive care unit. For one company, it may be its refrigeration capability. For another, the operation may rely on the ability to conduct international video conferencing. Whatever it is for your company, you cannot afford to lose the function, not even for a fraction of a second. 

At WB Moore, we design, install and maintain critical distribution systems alongside standard and emergency installations for commercial, healthcare, manufacturing and municipal entities and other industries on a regular basis.The process starts when we sit down with you and determine the needs you have that must be above standard. For Bank of America, above standard started underground.

Working with the second largest financial company in the world on its Superblock project, we determined that the generator plant installed in one building had excess capacity, while the banks Corporate Center (across a major city street) was operating without a critical distribution system.

We performed what amounted to heart surgery, retrofitting the entire 1.8 million square foot high-rise Bank of America Corporate Center and attaching it to One BAC as a lifeline. The building, almost 20 years old at the time, had no provisions in place for an upfit of this type. So the connection for the building to its new system was under a major street intersection in a downtown metro area. In addition, we planned and implemented the first planned power shutdown in the building's history, and several scheduled shutdowns afterward.

The outcome is a downtown campus of buildings, each utilizing the redundant power of the generator plant, and allowing for close transition switching at any time, 24/7, without disrupting any of the bank's operations.


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