Design / Build

We put our name on every project, but at WB Moore, our focus is you.

It is more than finding the most qualified and experienced electrical contractor. It is more than a team of engineers and construction professionals that have completed multi-million dollar projects for Bank of America, Duke Energy, Ritz Carlton and others.

It is about wanting more—more attention to your specific needs, more expertise in areas critical to your success and more innovative ideas that result in greater satisfaction with your finished product. It is about wanting Moore.

At WB Moore, our focus is you. Your project is more than a project to us. We look for ways to make your project more successful, and the process smooth and seamless. With engineering, construction and maintenance all under one roof, and a manager assigned to your entire project, we stay on top of the details. We understand that there is always more than one way to tackle a project. So we maintain a current knowledge of the methods being successfully employed today, along with their costs. That is Moore.

We employ BIM Modeling, leveraging technology to better your project. We start with 3D modeling from our Engineeering department, then add 4D (cost) and 5D (time) from our construction team for the most comprehensive view possible. From the conceptual design phase through the development of construction documents for permitting, our construction team communicates with our in-house Professional Engineers to get a clear view of the design before construction is shceduled to start. 

We are one team that communicates quickly and remains agile so that we can anticipate any challenges and address them before they even arise.  Better communication makes for less lost time, lower costs up front, and a lower chance of unexpected costs as the project finishes. That is Moore.

When your project is complete, we commission it, and make our entire team available 24/7 if modifications are required, maintenance is necessary or an emergency occurs.

If you want more for your next project, select Moore.

*All engineering work is performed in our Charlotte office. WBM Group, PLLC provides all standalone engineering services.



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