Emergency Response

When you have a power outage and your energy provider says it's on your side of the meter, your first call has to be the right call.

As the design/build electrical contractor for many of the largest projects in the Carolinas, it's natural to get emergency calls—even on projects we did not design/build.

We established the WB Moore Emergency Response Service hotline just for those instances. Equipment failure happens all the time, especially if the equipment is not properly maintained. If it is a major situation, we can put a team onsite to handle the problem in a matter of hours, sometimes minutes if we are close by.

It was not a small problem on Valentine's Day, 2011 when, at about 3:00 am, WB Moore got the call from the owner of 201 North Tryon (now the Fifth Third Building) in uptown Charlotte. The building had suffered a major outage to the extent that Duke Energy had shut off the main power.

WB Moore assembled a team—on a holiday!—and had the building operational on a temporary platform at start of business that same day. Over the course of several months, our emergency response turned into a comprehensive system overhaul including thousands of feet of new wire, and two additional holidays—Easter and Mother's Day.

WB Moore delivers on its promises. Our name is on our ability to respond to your emergencies. When you get Moore, expect more.


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